I am just excited as a baby murloc sucking down his first clam meat!

I was lucky enough to win the raffle for tickets to the Blizzard/Laguna Museum VIP Benefit Dinner. The package includes the dinner itself, a blizzcon ticket, a signed piece of art and tickets to the exhibit.   There will be 200 attendees and 100 Blizzard executives at the dinner so it sounds like there will be a lot of opportunities to talk to them and get my own personal questions answered.  Also, I had missed the chance to buy Blizzcon tickets this year so, just on that level, this was really awesome news for me.  As a sidenote, my birthday is the first day of Blizzcon so I don’t think I could have asked for a better birthday present.

I talked with a friend over at WoW.com (previously WoWInsider.com) and volunteered my services to help cover the dinner and BlizzCon.  She was happy to interview me regarding the dinner and post photos that I took at the event.  That discussion lead to the creation of this blog since it provides a good way for me to personally communicate to the World of Warcraft community.  Look forward to seeing information here regarding my experiences at Blizzcon and in Azeroth.

Another note that I wanted to add was that my guild has gotten together to sponsor sending my guild leader as my guest since I was able to buy two tickets.  I think that says a lot about the big hearts that my team, Covent of Destruction on Destromath, has.  You guys ROCK!