I am on my last vacation day before work sitting here with sore legs confronted the fact that I have to go back to the real world tomorrow. This weekend was a friggen’ blast!

Not only did I get to experience the convention but we had the added bonus of getting to go to the Laguna Art Musuem benefit dinner. I posted some fairly brief thoughts about a bit earlier.

Blizzcon was amazing. That is about all I can say. Cataclysm sounds like something entirely revolutionary as far as MMOs go. It is said to say but I feel more inspired to spend my free time playing WoW now. It is like coming back from a Tony Robbins convention or something.

I met up with some people who playing Alliance way back in Classic but re-rolled horde. I used to talk to them a lot on our server’s IRC channel and had partied and even guilded with them. It was nice to talk about old times. I really think a key feature at Blizzcon is the realm meet-up tables. What happens at those tables usually either makes or breaks the experience for me. I think it could be a worthwhile investment for Blizzard to figure out how to make them occur earlier for all realms rather than making a lot of players have to wait until the second day. I met up with several other friends as well… the social aspect of Blizzcon is a big one for me. You can start random theory-crafting conversations with just about anyone and have relevant input on both sides without it turning into a flame war.

Jay Mohr was awesome. He is getting better and better as a host. I missed the last Blizzcon but I saw him host his first one. He still has jokes that developed during the first one that have become running gags. For instance, when he is on stage, he refers to the person who has the Ed McMahon type job (from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson) as God. This is something that came up out of the first Blizzcon he hosted. The thing about Jay Mohr is that his performances are far from polished but that adds to his charm. He busted his chops in the improv world so he knows how to just react to the moment and spin off things occuring with the audience or the show. This makes him a very warm host, even for the roughest of audiences – gamers… a crowd with a very high percentage of mid-level teenagers who think they know all the mechanics of any game and RL itself of course and who want to appear jaded (because jaded is cool). I hope to see him coming back year after year but even more importantly, I hope to see him hosting bigger venues, such as the Emmys.

Seeing Ozzy perform was kick-ass. He really enjoyed the crowd there. However, there are two things on this that get big minuses.

  • Hall D for a concert? C’mon. The acoustics are horrible there and there is a much smaller number of ‘good seats’ in that sort of space than something like the a sports arena. I can understand the logistical problems with trying to host concerts there with a convention that has double the attendees of such a venue. What about clearing a space outside? There is that big field right across the street? Can some deal be struck there? I may be thinking pie in the sky here but Hall D concerts aren’t very workable from my experience.
  • The band formally known as L80ETC… I am not a fan. A few of their songs have started to grow on me but I would appreciate either no opener or something more mainstream. I am sorry. I really am. I know I should worship you guys… but you guys are at best, a decent garage band… not an opening act for Ozzy or the Offspring.

All of the World of Warcraft changes coming with Cataclysm sound fanastic. I really look forward to exploring the new, old world. However, I am just guessing but it is probably a good idea to get those lore acheivements done now because it sounds like they are going to be completely changing the quest hubs there. Of course, that just might make those acheivements easier, especially since they talked about account wide acheivements vs. just character acheivements.

Here are some more photos I took. These are all available in higher resolutions if you want any particular one. Just contact me.